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Do You Even Lift Bro?
Hardgainer Nutrition – It’s Time to Put Down The Weights and Pick Up Your Fork

I’ve worked with many high school, collegiate, and even a few pro athletes who all seem to share the same …

The Best Post Workout Concoction You’ve Never Tried: Overnight Oats

It’s no surprise, you work lots of long hours. You’re up before the sun rises and still working long after …

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The Facility
Athletes Arena's new home in Plex Irmo sure does have it's perks. The Plex Irmo, housed in a 200,000 square foot space has the only regulation sized ice hockey rink in the state of South Carolina. The rink is home to Gamecock Hockey, Richland/Lexington 5's high school Fusion team, and the Palmetto Skate Club, a USFS figure skating club.